Aurum Research Limited is the Canadian Agent for Stirling Cryogenics and Cryozone Products, manufactured by DH Industries of The Netherlands.

Stirling is a world market leader of standalone cryogenic generators. Stirling’s equipment can be used to liquefy gas (Methane, Bio-fuel, Nitrogen, Oxygen and Air) or to re-condense coolant gas in closed loop circuit.

tirling Cryocoolers. SNOLAB - DEAP-3600 experiement


The DEAP-3600 experiment uses a Liquid Argon target to search for dark matter at SNOLAB, 2km underground in Sudburry, Canada. In order to (...)



Memorial University of Newfoundland , STIRLIN-2 System is used by the Departments of Medicine and Health Service, Chemistry, Physics, Earth Sciences, (...)

For inquiries on liquid nitrogen plants, liquid air plants,
cryogenic cooling, methane liquefaction, biogas liquefaction, or other
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